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Greetings! I'm Edwin, a writer based in Jakarta.

My career was born in marketing, then it grew up in UX. I work as a Content Designer and have been writing and designing for almost 10 years. I've worked in e-commerce, transportation, and financial services. View some of my best works here.

Outside of work, I teach content design at Warung Copy, better known as the learning platform for UX Writers and Content Designers in Indonesia.



• Traveloka

• Gojek

• Blibli

• ShopBack

• Sinarmas

Soft skills

• Design leadership

• Team management

• Problem solving

• Collaboration

• Public speaking

• Storytelling

• Mentorship

• Community building

Industry skills 

• UX design

• Content design

• Wireframing

• Information architecture

• Content strategy

• User research

• Prototyping

• Localization

• Podcasting

Familiarized tools

• Figma

• Google Workspace

• Canva


• Lokalise

• Website builder

• Podcast builder

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