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About me

I'm a husband, father, writer, teacher, and public speaker.


Mind you, this is going to be quite a long post, so I'll try my best to make it as enjoyable as possible.


Born in Jakarta. Raised in Vienna. My career was born in advertising, then it grew up in UX. Happily married with a toddler. I write, teach, and coach for a living.​​

Why I chose writing for my career

This story dates back to year 1999.

How I describe Edwin For me, he is an excellent leader. I have been working on his team fo

I was in primary school when my family flew me to Vienna, Austria. We lived there for the next 8 years. I was enrolled at Vienna International School as a student who couldn't speak or write in English. I made friends just by smiling and laughing at whatever they said 😅

As a young child, I grew up imagining if I could be like my mother. She used to work at the UN and was the first and only female Nuclear Engineer from Indonesia. #respect

She used to take her family to travel the world for a holiday, but truly the countries we went to were the ones she had to inspect whether they had nuclear weapons. Her job was to confirm that nobody was using nuclear for national security, rather for health and electricity.

I wasn't into nuclear stuff, neither was I into science for that matter. But I've always liked the concept of making the world a little better.

I just didn't know how.

One day, my dad took me to the cinema to watch the first Harry Potter move. I was so in love with the accent, the script, and magic.

That movie inspired me to write my own wizard novel. Although I never finished it, I realized that writing was so much fun.


My father used to be a novelist, writing books about romance. I guess this was also a reason I became interested in writing. I'd often come home after school seeing him typing his Pentium 4.

Fast forward to university, in between classes, I was often interviewing a group of alumni and writing articles on my website about their journeys to getting a scholarship. This website later got me my first internship at Wego (today's no. 1 travel metasearch engine in MENA) and my first full-time job as a Content Writer at Traveloka (one of Asia's leading tech unicorns for travel and lifestyle).

So, that was how I chose writing for my career.

I stayed 4 years at Traveloka. Joined the company as the 3rd Content Writer and resigned as their former Lead Copywriter.

After leaving Traveloka, I switched my role from copywriting to UX writing. It was around 2017 and only a few in the tech industry knew exactly what UX writing was. I wasn't one of them 🤣

I didn't know much about UX writing. I took my first UX writing job because the recruiter told me it was very similar to copywriting.

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Although some would debate that copywriting and UX writing aren't similar, I would somewhat disagree. One is not about selling a product and the other one about guiding people to use a product. They're both focused on how to write to solve people's problems.


I'm the type of writer who believes that, to excel in writing, we shouldn't limit our skills to a specific domain be it UX, marketing, etc.


I'm a writer with 10 years of experience and I've used copywriting techniques in designing product copy. And I've used UX writing techniques in creating ad copy. These skills need one another.


When a company hires a UX Writer and a Copywriter, they also need one and another to work synchronously and deliver great products.

For the past 5 years since I was appointed to lead teams of UX Writers at Gojek, Blibli, and Sinarmas, I've been advocating for this role by facilitating workshops, perfecting workflows, and participating in countless product design meetings.


What my colleagues say about me

How I describe Edwin For me, he is an excellent leader. I have been working on his team fo

Growing tech writers in Indonesia


After 4 years writing for marketing and 6 years for UX, with a proven track record in scaling high-performing teams, in October 2023 I decided to build a learning platform to help writers in Indonesia grow their careers in tech.


I founded Warung Copy to do just that!


I’ve been working 7 days a week for the past several months designing curriculums for intensive courses and have taught 500+ students and professionals from all over Indonesia.


Earlier in this post, I mentioned that I’ve always liked the concept of making the world a little better, but just didn’t know how. I’m proud to say that I’ve finally found a way to do that.


I also offer private 1-to-1 and group consultations to make sure that the people who have joined courses at Warung Copy would have a mentor to guide them through their career every step of the way.

That's all folks

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