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UX writing is just another name for copywriting

Like autumn and fall, twelve and dozen, big and large – you get the gist. But is it really just another form of copywriting?


The day I switched to UX writing, I was sure this role was going to be different from copywriting. In other words it was time to retire from making smart witty slogans.


To my minimum knowledge, UX writing will teach me how to be more upfront. No rhymes, acronyms, slangs, etc.

The other difference I thought I knew precisely was the platform. UX Writers dive deep into how they would solve problems in an app, whereas Copywriters would solve problems through commercials like billboards, digital marketing, TVC, etc.

But despite the platform, I knew there wasn’t much difference between the two. Both should be able to humanize difficult information by understanding people’s reactions to all sorts of things.


Fast forward a couple of months

As I've begun my UX writing career, I was right about one thing. No more billboards and video scripts. But I was wrong about not making ad copy.​

As a UX writer, I was still asked to make ad copy in the app.


I was totally fine at first, but it later became a problem when I realized I was a bottleneck. Being squished between UX and marketing tasks took a toll on my productivity.

So I stood up and spoke up. I approached my PM to make sure we were on the same page that UX writing doesn't involve writing ads. As it turns out, the reason they asked me to help with marketing copy was because UX writing to them was just another name for copywriting.

But is it though?

Is UX writing just another name for copywriting?

I wasn’t even sure of this anymore. On the one hand, I learned that UX and marketing have different goals and require different skillsets, just like UI design versus graphic design.


On the other hand, I believed that, to excel in writing, one should have the ability to adapt to different forms of content be it ad or app.

That night, immediately after work, I joined a community of UX Writers, raised my concern, and hoped for enlightenment.

Untitled design_edited.jpg

You can find the post here. There are about 12 different answers but this one relate to me the most:

"Sometimes I feel that we make things more complicated than they really are. UX writing is (copy)writing applied to UX. My main goal as a copywriter is not to promote a product, but to tell my readers I understand their problems and that a product is the solution for them. It's hard to sell anything through if you don't help your readers solve their problems and achieve their goals." — Ferran Gómez Olivencia


Though we may have different interpretations when it comes to this topic, based on the answer above I personally have concluded that UX writing and copywriting are very similar, shouldn't be black and white.

You could have a UX Writer also selling a product, or a Copywriter also guideing people to use a product, because ideally this person should understand how to solve people's problems. And solving problems is the most fundamental skill in UX writing and copywriting.

That's all folks

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